Chateau AD Francos

In 507AD, a Frankish garrison settled on this strategic hill. These hills came to be known as “AD Francos” (the Franks place). More than just a winery, this domain is a piece of history.
10km east of Saint Emilion, as Robert Parker pointed out in 2005, there has been traces of wine activity in Francs since the 11th century. The soils are remarkable, as the bottom of the slopes are made of deep clay, while the hillsides are clay-limestone, with
outcrops of marl and chalk.
Today the Chateau Ad Francos wine-making is overseen by Michel Rolland, whose family have lived in the castle for almost two centuries. His knowledge and his emotional bond to the terroir of his ancestors, allow him to create a great Bordeaux wine, “hand-sewn”, out of time and fashion, at the height of the history of this extraordinary place.

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