Chateau de Saint Martin

Owned by the Saint-Martin family since 1740, Chateau de Saint Martin is one of only 18 estates that have been designated “Crus Classés” in Provence since 1955.
Since purchasing the land nearly 300 years ago, stewardship of the estate
has been passed down from Mother to Daughter ever since and is currently
managed by Adeline de Barry.
The vineyard culminates at an altitude of 130m above sea level, and is located between 2 geological zones; with red schist terroir to the south and a mix of clay and limestone to the north, giving great character and identity to the wines.
The estate also places huge importance on sustainable agriculture and is one of the first in Provence to obtain level 3 (the highest) of the “Hautes Valeurs Environnementales” certification. This practice of environmentally- friendly viticulture maintains the biological diversity of the wine-growing ecosystem and its surroundings, and minimizes chemical intervention; thus exploiting the full, aromatic potential of every grape.

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