François et Nina Mitjavile

Unlike most Bordeaux wine, Tertre Roteboeuf bypasses the traditional negociant system and sells directly to importers and merchants. The estate has also bowed out of the Saint Emilion Classification system, even though it would easily be awarded Premier Cru Classe status. Whether this is because Francois rejects such a hierarchy, or because he simply cannot tolerate the paperwork involved in classifying the estate, is irrelevant, as this decision has not hurt the estate in any way, and the wine remains one of the most expensive in the region.
Embracing an organic, sustainable vineyard farming technique, the estate enjoys some of the most impressive soils in the region. Vines are old, yields are low, and the estate is usually one of the last in the appellation to finish harvesting, preferring to wait until the fruit is perfectly ripe, and thus creating one of the most concentrated wines in Bordeaux. Soon after Francois Mitjaville purchased this vineyard in 1987, he set about to add
his finesse to this lesser-known appellation of Cotes de Bourg. After extensive
replanting in the vineyards and modernization of the cellars, in 1998 the first vintage was debuted for Roc de Cambe.

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